HELP Longlong – Cảm nhận học viên: Chris

Student’s name: Tran Van Cuong – Chris
Age: 22 years old
Course: Power ESL – Longlong Campus
Period: 24 weeks

Hi everybody and have a nice day !

I’m Chris and I’ve just been here for one week. This is not the first time I have had chance to travel aboard but it is the longest one because I intend to stay here for 6 months. At first, I had so many hesitations about coming here that I almost gave this chance up and now I must thank for keeping up.

My first impression…

On the first day I came here, everything looked great. I loved the weather and the natural scenery here. After finishing necessary documents, I came to my room and unpacked my luggage. When I came to Longlong, it was nearly 12 p.m and I felt so hungry that I could eat all the world. I came to the dining hall to have my lunch and I must say that the food here was incredible. For those who are fan of Korean food, this place will be heaven. In the afternoon, I went around the campus for discovering and I was impressed by the hardworking of other students. Wherever I went to, I saw students who were studying.

Baguio City is great…

When I came, it is Sunday so I also had chance to visit Baguio City. I went with 2 other friends, one Vietnamese and one Japanese. We walked around Baguio’s down town area. We also visited Public Market and we have lunch in a shop on Session Road. The city here was really like my hometown except it had a type of vehicle called “Jeepney”. From my experience in traveling by “Jeepney”, I would like to give a recommendation for anyone who has carsick that it is a bad idea for you to travel by jeepney.

Talk about the Public Market. This place was full of fruits, vegetables and many other things. This was the first time I had seen that much strawberries and the taste of strawberries was really good too. After Public Market, I and my friends walked along the road next to Burnham Park and we found that this road was full of flower shops. Baguio’s flowers is variety and very beautiful and it reminded me about Da Lat City in Vietnam.

My first classes and teachers…

Talk about my first week of studying, I hadn’t had to wake up that early since I was in my university. My first class started at 7 a.m and it was called “Morning Reading Class” (MRC). In this class, I had to read a passage and do the shadowing practice. This was the first time I had practiced this. It was really hard but after practicing for a few days, I could see a small improvement in my pronunciation – my biggest weakness. After MRC, I had individual classes which focus on my writing skill, speaking skill and reading skill.

In my opinion, my teachers are amazing because they teach with passion. They come to work with a big smile on their faces and they also try to encourage students to study hard and enjoy learning. They gave me the motivation for learning English that I have sought for a really long time since my old favorite English class was inactive.

All above are my first impression about HELP longlong. I believe that there will be so much more interesting things for me to discover about this place. Once again, I must say that this is a really good decision.

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