HELP Longlong – Cảm nhận học viên: Vicky

Student’s name: Nguyen Ngoc Dieu – Vicky
Age: 20 years old
Course: Power ESL – Longlong Campus
Period: 4 weeks

Nirvana – Đôi cánh tri thức

Hello to everybody. My name is Dieu and I have an English name is Vicky. When I was writing this, I was in Baguio, the city in the Philippines has named City of Studying. Why? Because I was the one who had an opportunity to come here but not for enjoying, I’m here to study English.

In Vietnam, I live in the South and be familiar with the weather there so when I came here, I feel a little bit cold. However, I like the weather here cause it’s same with Da Lat and I know that I’ve just come here and not yet adept to this kind of weather. After the first few days, everything was perfect to me and especially, this time has the best weather in Baguio City.

My school’s name is HELP English Language Program, located on a hill and around has many trees so the air is very fresh. It has 7 floors in a wide area, very clean and airy. Everything makes me think about Korea, even the tables, the rooms,…

The study environment here is very good, 100% students use English in communicating so even when you don’t want, English is the easiest way to talk with the other students. However, it’s very comfortable because of everyone from HELP: students, teachers, employees are very kind and friendly, even when we don’t know each other but when they see me, they always smile and say hello. Teachers are very good and close with students. They supported me a lot when I studied here.

Besides that, Cleaning and Laundry are supporting the school. The meals are fresh and clean with many kinds of food to guarantee about students’ health. That’s why I don’t need to worry about anything and just focus on studying English. On the weekend, I can hang out with my foreigner friends for eating or traveling.

I only have 1 day left before I leave this place, for sure, I will miss HELP, miss all of my friends here and also my teachers. This will be my unforgettable memory. Now I can be confident to say that my English is better than before very very much. Thank HELP English, thank everyone for helping me all the time.


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